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How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding

Daisy zoomcall presentation

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26/01/2023 183.917

19/01/2023 182.471 Members

22/01/2023 182.958 Members

23/01/2023 183.160 Members

24/01/2023 183.455 + 295 in 24/H

28/01/2023 184.498

29/01/2023 184.788 +290 DAISY Members ln 24/h

28/01/2023 8:02 Results forex


step guide

How To Join Daisy crowdfunding

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How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding

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Step guide


step guide

How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding

Watch the entire video below

$1000 that becomes $5000

How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding


step guide


All links can be found under the video the calculator also + step by step instructions and a step by step site to share with your prospects without referral link ...2 New video's inside Dutch and Arabic video ...

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DAISY GLOBAL CALL's Replay's in 12 languages

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Daisy AI Crowd Fund Overzicht Presentatie Nederlands 2023

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$1000 that becomes $5000

Dec 30 End of 2022 Statistics for Daisy Forex AI


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Daisy AI Crowd Fund Overview Presentation Jan 9, 2023


step guide

How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding

$1000 that becomes $5000

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How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding

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How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding

How To Join Daisy Global AI Trading crowdfunding Step 1

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Step 2 - Download Tronlink:

Download and install TronLink or other TRON wallets:

Buy USDT-TRC20 Quickest way:

Buy USDT-TRC20 using your credit/debit card in your Klever Wallet app

Klever Wallet:

Or use CoinZoom to buy USDT-TRC20


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Step 4 - Stake TRX To Increase Bandwidth

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Step Demonstration

There are no need to create password while registering in Daisy. Just need to approve and confirm to access your wallet with wallet password. If you want to cut off extra fees please do nessasary things as follows.

01. Use powerful network connection while registering daisy

02. Make sure your mobile device or your pc have enough memory ( clear browser cash etc.. ) to avoid your device stuck while registering

03. Do not touch back button or cancel buttons middle of the process.

04. Make sure your wallet have at least 500 trx for gas feeses before register or upgrade your tiers (each tier need around 300-500 trx for gas fees)

Make sure they are not in staking. In case you have not enough to pay the transaction, what you have might be burned. We always need around 15$ each tier and due to the drop of value, that means currently at least 300trx. Basically a smart contract interaction costs energy and if you do not have enough energy then a certain amount of trx gets burnt from your wallet as fees.

There is another way how to save a lot of TRX for people that are buying more than one tier. There is possibility to buy energy and then you won't need to have so much TRX for all tiers. There is a website that you enter and buy energy with your TRX. Usually it is necessary about 300k energy for 1 tier purchase and in that place you can choose amount that you need and when you buy tier in daisy then it won't use TRX for purchase but instead will use energy. To interact with any smart contract we need energy and if you have enough of it then the transaction will not cost any additional trx. There are a couple ways to get energy:

1) You can stake some trx to get energy but it costs a lot

e.g to buy 1 tier on daisy we need about 300k-350k energy(will have to check the current rate) which will cost about 12500-14500 trx to be staked. If someone has this amount of trx lying around then its the best option as your transaction becomes almost free.

2) Another option is to just buy energy from a marketplace. This is an amazing alternative that I learnt about. For about 40 trx you can buy around 350k energy for 3 days use which means your cost per tier buy now becomes only 40 trx!! Some of the energy marketplaces are, and etc

Step 6 - How To Rebuy Tiers

Number 6

Step 6

DAISY AI trading income, withdraw at any time

How to withdraw Daisy Crypto or Forex Trading Rewards From Your Back Office :

Some important details:

There is no fixed return. It all depends on market and ai. Request Withdraw: Forex market closes weekends that's why the Weekend withdrawal, 8pm UTC Friday to 8pm UTC Sunday.

Crypto market is 24/7 it can be anytime.As we roll out the initial withdraws, for now there will be a $20 total trading profit minimum in order to be able to withdraw. There will be a $3.00 fee deducted from the total profits to cover the blockchain energy fee.The profit rewards are then 70% to the contributor and another 15% to the smart contract rewards plan.

Members can choose how much of the available rewards they wish to withdraw as long as the total profit is above $20.

Withdraws will be paid out once a day, and could take up to 48 hours to transfer from daisy fund into the smart contract.

Unilevel residual rewards will accumulate in the smart contract and can be withdrawn from your back office at any time in a single transaction.

Simular to pacesetter rewards, members withdrawing their unilevel bonus will pay the small 3-5 trx fee for each withdraw.

Any rewards not withdrawn are automatically added to your active trading balance and re-invested, Automatic compound interest investment.

Daisy Forex AI Presentation Oct 2022 :

Dubai Speech Dr. Anna Becker 2021:

Friendly reminder:

1. No financial advice can be given You have to go through the materials and determine by yourself if this is a good investment for you.

2. No one can predict the future ROI an it's not wise to promise you any ROI.

3. This is not an investment. You are contributing to a crowdfund. Read/watch the material to understand then make an informed decision

4.The DAISY AI smart contract has been formed. Once invested, Crowd funds cannot exit arbitrarily. After the development of the DAISY AI system is completed, DAISY will provide a withdrawal plan for trading funds, but you can always withdraw trading profits without time limit.

5.Daisy maintains long-term stable profitability under the premise of ensuring the safety of funds. This is a long-term project, not a short-term profiteering project.

6. Purchasing the Daisy Crowd Fund packages is a contribution to the equity crowd fund for the Daisy AI development and not a trading investment. DAISY is giving both shares of stock in the company and profit sharing from trading results, to each Contributor as crowd funding rewards.

7. Right now you can only withdraw profits. Later on when crowd funding limit has reached and goes public, you can withdraw everything if you want.

DAISY Global is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies, a trusted Crypto & Forex AI trading platform with broad prospects and development potential. DAISY Global is A Crowdfunding smart contract that offers profits, equity and income to every member.

The future belong's to you!

$100 can buy Pizzas and beers for ... a day


$700 can become $273K in 4 years... $1.7M in 5 years!

$1500 can become $629K in 4 years... $1.4M in 4.5 years!

$3100 can become $267k in 3 years.... $1.3M in 4 years!

This hypothetical scenario is based on the results of Daisy Forex AI testing and development trading pool since April compounding your profits @ 4% raw profit / week and after deduction of fees. Actual weekly average is 4.8% +

NB: Past performance does NOT guarantee future performance. The projections are purely hypothetical outcomes to show potential outcomes. Actual results are based on market conditions and AI performance.

Overview Results of the zoom call Daisy AI 03/01/2023

Daisy AI ‐ What happens when the DAISY Crowd Fund ends? | Daisy AI Trading Fund future looks amazing

D.AI.SY Founding Member and PG Leader, Richard Laidler, interviews D.AI.SY Co-Founder Jeremy Roma

For anyone who wants to delve into the 100% transparency of the platform, the smart contracts on the blockchain. And whether to be able to show people where all the funds are now going, for example, and whether the community has actually been paid out!

No doubt about this for us, of course, that is the beauty of the blockchain and smart contracts. All actions on the blockchain are recorded forever. Smart contracts execute immediately and cannot be manipulated.

Readable Smart contracts for Daisy

Proxy to see transactions:


Router to find user data:


Gold Pacesetter pool:


Leadership pool:


Matrix bonus:


Daisy Smart Contract Training